Wednesday, 31 August 2016

Sept 2016 : UPDATE on MP stocks

GKENT (sold all at 2.55, a profit of 46%, a good catch, no more holdings)
GADANG (did manage to get at 2.32, so bought at 2.70, sold half at 2.88 to lock in some profit, while remaining will do a trailing stop)
OLDTOWN (bought at 1.93, sold half at 2.03, but some remaining at 1.89 due to broke 20MA , so average sold price around 1.96, no more holdings).
POHUAT (sold some at 1.64 at breakeven to reduce portfolio, the rest manage to sell at 1.70 as per my plan, no more holdings). Luckily strictly follow plan, now at 1.57 only.

Review some new stocks to be buy in this few weeks, depending on the price movement & buy signal.

(Target Entry -TE: ?, Median Fair Value -MFV by investment banks : ?, consideration point )

1) CSCSTEL : (TE 1.45? MFV: no data)

2) DSONIC : (TE 1.43. MFV : 1.87, upside 30%. PE a worry point : 27+ which is really high)

3) MITRA : (TE : 1.33/close above 1.41. MFV : 1.72, upside 29%. Note: wait for volume rebound around 1.33 then only enter or close above 1.41 with confident?)

4) PADINI : (TE : 2.81. MFV : 2.91, upside 3.5% only. Should not consider ?)

5) PRLEXUS : (TE: ? still in downtrend, need to wait , MFV : no data.)

6) TAMBUN : (TE : 1.51, MFV: 1.64, upside 8.6% only)

7) TIENWAH : ( TE: close above 1.72 with vol?, MFV : no data)

8) UNISEM : (TE : 2.63, MFV : 2.85, upside 8% only)\

9) CHINWEL : (TE: 1.61, MFV : no data)

10) LIIHEN : (TE : wait for rebound above 20MA around 3.20, MFV : no data)

11) JOHOTIN : (TE: 2.30, MFV : no data)

From the above, I see Mitra & Dsonic have the highest upside.Lets monitor further.

As usual : Caveat emptor. The above is for my own analysis only. It is not a recommendation to buy/sell.

Sunday, 7 August 2016

BEEN BUSY, but still trade some stocks

I have been quiet nearly for 5 months as I does not trade much.
In these few months, I have been trading a few stocks only .

Momentum play -Stocks traded are
GKENT (purchase at 1.74, sold some at 1.89, remain some qty)
GADANG (sold too early, only earn RM0.10/unit, intended to buy again around 2.32)
OLDTOWN (bought at 1.93, still awaiting for her to breakout from squeezing)
TOMYPAK (lose a little, cut at 2.51)
CYPARK (lose a little, cut at 2.03)
POHUAT (sold some at 1.64 at breakeven to reduce portfolio, keep some to sell at 1.70)

If Tomypak, I dont follow the cut loss rule, I would have lost more, now at 1.75.
For Cypark, I bought 2.02, after seeing the movement a bit not convincing, I reduce my holding by selling some at 2.03, the rest I cut loss at 1.88 but now at 2.00.

See, sometime you cut loss, the stock go south, you feel  good as you follow your strategy but sometimes like Cypark, she rebound back and the technical look good now, but still have to remind myself , as long as I have decided the buy is based on Momentum play, I must follow my cut loss strategy.

Value Invest
I'm still keeping my Sunreit & Matrix.
For Value Invest, I would keep and may average down further like Matrix.
My average price for her is at 2.62 but now she is only at 2.52 but I have been taking dividends around >RM0.14 yearly and I have her since Apr2015, so I'm considering I'm already at positive.
Lets see, she can break the 2.58 resistance. I will start selling her around RM2.80?

thats all for today. will try to update more frequent.

As always, caveat emptor.

Wednesday, 23 March 2016

Part 2 : ACE IPO .... Can you gain on ACE IPO?

In my Part 1 , I mentioned I study the data from 2014 to 2016.
But for ACE, since the listing stocks is lesser, I have accounted from 2011 to 2016,
there is a total of 10 stocks.

From the table above, we can do a simple analysis

1) With the same Main IPO strategy as before but this time we target 20% profit or sell at 3rd day closing.  Your success rate in Profiting from the IPO is 100%. All 9 stocks earn 20%, while only Krolonogi earn 10.5% on the 3rd day.

Let see another strategy, this one will give better high gain but Krolonogi will end up only about breakeven.

So, ACE IPO is much better than Mainboard IPO from my 2 Part analysis.

As always,caveat emptor, my writing is solely for learning purposes and no intention to make any buy or sell call.